How to be…a Powerpuff Girl

Yesterday was the day every single medic at my university have been waiting for all year. Seriously. Dreaming about, talking about, dreaming about some more. For those of you who’re wondering, The Hop is a notorious fancy dress night, involving lots of crazy outfits, face paint, glitter, alcohol and all around good laughs. It’s possibly one of my favourite nights out ever, at the famous RISA turned 6 on Broad Street, and I’ve possibly spent more time thinking about dressing up than I have about medicine this past week…

(*My bad.)

So, my two friends and I decided we’d go as the Powerpuff Girls, cue much excitement about glitter, dresses, wigs etc etc as I’m sure you can imagine.

PicCollage (2)

What You Need 

  1. A colourful skater dress (to match assigned powerpuff girl).
  2. A strip of black fabric.
  3. A wig (again, dependent on which powerpuff girl you are intending to be. As I was Blossom, I needed an orange one – hence the abnormal amount of time I’ve spent on eBay recently.)
  4. Make-up, glitter, gems etc. (Whatever floats your boat really. You can see how I went about it below).
  5. Knee high white socks.
  6. Cardboard/pens/glue to make the signs.

And there you have it. When you put everything together, you get a powerpuff girl!!


IMG_4417 IMG_4419

Above you can see that I used essentially a multitude of pink shades on my eyes and cheeks, finishing it off with glitter (stuck on by lipgloss, nonetheless) beneath my eyes. Also I got the pink sticker hearts from WHSmith for £2, and they stayed on all night, so are definitely worth it if you want to add that little bit extra.

IMG_4616 IMG_4615


Over and out xxx


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