Tuesday Travels

Fellow bloggers, meet Wightwick Manor. This Grade I Victorian manor house is in a league of its own. Rarely have I visited a National Trust property with as much charm and charisma, as many quaint corners and hidden surprises, as this one. So if you’re ever on the A454 Wolverhampton to Bridgnorth Road, this little beauty is most definitely worth stopping off to see. With gorgeously manicured gardens, a picturesque lake and antiquated tea-room, Wightwick pretty much has it all! I promise…



These delightful hedges remind me of something out of Alice in Wonderland – the gardens of the Red Queen perhaps, where Alice plays croquet with flamingos (in the Disney adaptation anyway…)


Stunning architecture and bright blue skies make this place a photographer’s dream.



Beautiful flowers with an equally beautiful significance: purity and devotion.




There were many quirky instructions like this one (#16 Make a Daisy Chain) leading visitors on a trail around the grounds to explore the unknown corners of this grand house.


Stunning views from the rose garden. The house is almost completely hidden by foliage, nestled away behind the trees.

And ohhh, dear lord, this sky. I just want to bottle it up and keep it on my windowsill forever.P1040865

And that’s everything…

My Tuesday Travels are complete for another week 🙂

Frosty xxx



  1. Thankyou so much for sharing this little English Gem Frosty I will definitely have to give this place a visit and only a couple of hrs from home too. It’s a defo. Beautiful photos and that sky is perfection☺


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