Gratitude List

If you’ve read my other posts, you will know that I am a huge Princess Diaries fangirl. You may be asking how on earth this is relevant to a post about gratitude, but I promise you it is. Kind of. In the 11th novel, Princess Mia embarks to achieve complete self-actualization and happiness by writing a list of things she is grateful for in her diary, on a daily basis, something which I think everybody should strive to do, if not just occasionally. Too many people sit and mope about all the things they don’t have, what they want or need or can’t  have because they’re not rich enough, or clever enough, or healthy enough. (My sister is one of these very pessimistic people who I feel the urge to shake on a daily basis).

So I’ve decided to make a list about a few of the things I’m grateful of. There is so much that I know if I really wrote down everything this blog post would be miles long. So I’m going to try to be selective. Bear with.


1. J.K Rowling’s literary aptitude and ability to write 7 equally wonderful novels which I could read on a continuous loop and never ever get fed up. You genius, you.

2. My camera, and all of the beautiful, incredible sights it takes pictures of. My Panasonic Lumix G6 is like a third arm to me.

3. My boyfriend. Because sometimes it takes another person to open your eyes and make you realise that there’s more to life than sitting in a library and studying. Without him, I’d still be in that library now, and would never have discovered the huge world that exists outside of revision notes.

4. Cookies. (Especially of the Millie’s variety…) There was a time when this would most definitely not have been on my list. I didn’t eat junk food; I didn’t really eat anything, period. But now I’m through with that and can eat all the cookies I want, and still be happy, so for that, I can’t be more thankful.

5. University, because it’s helped me discover myself, become self-actualized, meet incredible people, make friends for life and find so much happiness that sometimes I wonder how I keep it all inside without bursting.

6. Rejection. Receiving so many straight rejection letters from literary agents but also many kind, helpful, promising words and opportunities has helped me grow as a writer. I’d never have been able to get my manuscripts to where they are now without all of that. Rejection makes us stronger, better, more cautious, wiser, and eventually, we’ll stumble across acceptance.

7. My doggy, because there’s no better way to be woken up in the morning than by a great bundle of fluff jumping on your head. Trust me on this. Go get a puppy. (The cuddles are also a good substitute for when my boyfriend is not around…)

8. My iPhone 6: we have a love/hate relationship. Well, maybe 3/4s love, 1/4 hate. But I have to say, it makes a wonderful little organizer and helps me remember my to-do lists when my own brain malfunctions.

9. Sunshine, because although I don’t appreciate all the UV and subsequent skin cancer it throws our way, it makes me happy. Thank you, sun.

10. My family, my friends, my health, my education, my freedom and independence, my arms and my legs…which all goes without saying. Without all that, I’d be nothing and no one.

So there you have it – today’s gratitude list.

Frosty xxx


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